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Designed for highly motivated students, this program provides an accelerated pathway to earn both an internationally recognized bachelor’s degree from Tanri Abeng University and Diploma of Business from Australian Institute of Business, Management and Leadership. Students can develop expertise in two separate fields, for example technical expertise in one field and business acumen in order to develop stronger skill.

Your competency will be enriched with theoretical business skills and knowledge that will develop skills across a wide range of business functions in various industries, both locally and internationally. The Diploma of Business is delivered fully online as an accredited course for eight months. The program is tailored to provide flexible delivery that benefits the students.

Program Benefits:
– Earn a bachelor’s and internationally recognized diploma’s degree for less money and time.
– The opportunity to advance your career on a global scale with diploma degree from Australia.
– Simultaneous enrollment to earn both bachelor’s and diploma’s degree.
– Greater access to resources, professors and opportunities than the students would have in a single program.

Affordability is core to our mission. The tuition cost of earning the bachelor’s and diploma’s degree through the International Business Program is Rp 185.000.000. The fees can be paid by 3x installment.