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The accounting program is a competitive, challenging and rigorous undergraduate program which is required for critical thinking, problem solving, written and oral communication and decision making, as well as a lifelong learning after graduation.

 Our Accounting degree yield a highly practical approach, meaning that we ensure students to learn by doing. The degree offered is Bachelor of Accounting

 The Bachelor of Accounting is a comprehensive program which prepares students to meet the standards required by the main accounting organizations in Indonesia and worldwide. Additionally, students will also earn knowledge from practical experience or learning by doing.

By having a degree of Bachelor of Accounting from TANRI ABENG UNIVERSITY, you will have a strong foundation of accounting as well as thorough understanding of management, business and entrepreneurship knowledge

To succeed in accounting program, students are expected to possess a high level of maturity, motivation, and self-discipline.

Students are admitted to the accounting program based on their level of preparation and performance.

The major classes will have the average about 20 students each, which will enable active discussion during the lecture.

Visi :

To develop Undergraduate Program in Accounting in order to create professionals and high qualified accountants.

Misi :

  1. Creating Accounting professional graduates which are career ready with high accounting knowledge, reliable skills and have valuable integrity of moral and ethical profession
  2. To carry out accounting program study based on up to date information technology.
  3. To carry out various accounting activities on academic based
  4. Develop science-based accounting research in conjunction with the development of modern technologies
  5. Providing and  Ensuring qualified  accountants graduates that bring future potential  leaderships

Semester 1 – 2
In the first year, students will learn about the foundations of accounting. Students will also study course units in economics, entrepreneurship, mathematics, statistics, management and business law. Thus, will introduce students to the basic skills and techniques required by accounting professions.

Semester 3 – 4
In this semester, students will develop their analytical skills and give deeper understanding in accounting. Students will take core course unit in financial and management accounting, finance, taxation, leadership and ethics. Students will develop students understanding of theoretical and practical knowledge in accounting and business environment.

Semester 5 – 6
Students will enhanced their knowledge in accounting and finance. In addition, students will have broad understanding in auditing, internal control and financial statements analysis. Students will implement their knowledge in the desired specialization. A specific specialization-only available to International program.

Semester 7 – 8
In the final year, students will implement their theoretical and other knowledge into practice through internship program which will allow students to develop important transferable skills and gain a real practical experience within accounting professions. Finally, students are required to write thesis as their final requirement to graduate from TANRI ABENG UNIVERSITY’s Undergraduate Program in Accounting.

Graduate of TANRI ABENG UNIVERSITY’s Bachelor of Accounting may consider career but not limited to, the following:

  1. Accountant
  2. Accounting Manager
  3. Auditor
  4. Banker
  5. Budget Analyst
  6. Credit Analyst
  7. Environmental (Green) Accountant
  8. Financial Analyst
  9. Financial Planner
  10. Financial Reporting Analyst
  11. Forensic Accountant/Fraud Investigator
  12. Internal Auditor
  13. Mergers and Acquisitions Accountant
  14. Purchasing Agent
  15. Tax Accountant

Graduates Competences

Students who graduate from the undergraduate program in accounting will be able to:

  1. Apply financial accounting principles to record and communicate day to day business activities to stakeholders.
  2. Analyze financial statements to support effective financial decision-making.
  3. Demonstrate working knowledge in the areas of taxation, auditing, management accounting, internal control and accounting information system.

Our faculty members are experts in their field and have outstanding reputation for their excellence in teaching, learning and research, the program will lead you as a student to the forefront of theory and practice in relevant accounting areas.

Our faculty members are:

  1. Ananto Prabowo, S.E., M.Com.
  2. Harsono Yoewono, S.E., M.Akt.
  3. Narti Eka Putri, S.sos., M.Si.
  4. Lestyo Sasono Wijito, S.E., M.ACC.
  5. Harry Wijaya, S.E., M.Com.
  6. Astria S. Syari SE., M.Akt.